Malo Lacroix

Born in Cayenne, French Guyana. Malo is a visual artist who works in Lyon (France) as a live performer and motion designer.

His work takes place into several specific contexts from digital art to raw club music and video production. Past experiences include AV set with Murcof. Commissioned motion design for Antwerp based artist Yves De Mey, Russian experimental techno artist Dasha Rush, adventurous club music event Haste in Lyon. He’s now operating through Europe at concert and club night like De Brake Grond (Amsterdam), Kitkatklub (Berlin) Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris) Docks des Suds (Marseilles), workshop and performance with Mirage festival, Nuits Sonores and AADN in Lyon.

In another hand he is doing music video under Nerf Optique Moniker with Pierre Adrien and Tom Viguier (cartoon movie maker and motion designer) for clients Like Neosignal (Germany), Jay Wud (Dubai), Blackrain (France) etc,… His work aesthetic is focused on figurative representation transformed into abstract moving lights. With a taste for multi layered fundamental shape he also went into body exploration, undefined light simulation, self-representation, complexity of relationship and haunted landscape trough narrative situation. He uses a wide range of tools to distord the shape such paint, software production, mirrors, film, metal, glass and the body/skin itself as a medium & surface.

Live Visual Performance

Malo’s work focuses on developing many different visuals aesthetics during his live through his own filmed and generative materials. Its imagery exists both to create a visual context and also to develop a resonance with the sound. Using an audio language that is both reactive and instinctive, the rendering focuses on creating places, objects and matters that cannot be identified. Light, human or mechanical gesture then create movement sowing as much doubt, emotion as discomfort. His video capture work allows him to develop a visual universe from A to Z by using object, structure, engine, dancer and which will be different each time from one live to another. This ability to adapt and reformulate allows him to move easily from the figurative to the abstract, from the fundamental form to the narrative. Using new and old mediums, Malo’s sequences are composed both upstream and direct with camera, glass, metals, multiple sources of light including LED. The directions of his outcome concern vast portions of musical styles. Enabling both a scenographic and a purely aesthetic approach through a digital and generative composition work. The outcome turns out to be an ephemeral film where multiple layers’ blend across unnamed texture, calculated gesture, distortion and landscape.

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Live visual and stage design for Forte festival 2018 3 night of show including special live AV with Robert Henke as Monolake. . 2018 Montemor – O – Velo, Portugal directed by : Malo Lacroix content : Malo Lacroix light : David Debrinay & Joao Boban sound : Miguel Escada technic : Jorge Santos producer : Festival Forte camera : Lenaic Pujol, Selma Bourdon, Electro News Massive thanks to Ilidio Chaves, Julio Chaves, Marta Madeira for making this possible