A/V Live Performance, SAMPHYRE is a hypnotic experience.

≈sheglitchr aka Camille Grigaut, this Parisian artist martyrizes images to abstraction in order to create new ones, “creation from destruction”. CRTs, VHS players and analog are its favourites media.

_stonecat, aka Alban Guerry-Suire, artistic director and stage designer, gives here to a more personal and intimate exercise. At the origin of the project, he chose to form this trio to seek the limits of his practice of stage design and discover new artistic fields.

Murphy Cooper is the musician composer of the project. He presents here a creation oscillating between Drone, Techno and Ambient, careful mix of atmospheres sometimes warm and reassuring, sometimes anxiogenic and oppressive, using the same physics of the sound like means of direct interaction with the body of the spectator.

Take a seat in the middle of the screens for a cathodic journey mixing analog glitch and experimental music in an immersive stage design.

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© Photos & Video credits : Alban Guerry-Suire / @_stonecat