“RITUALS is the ceremony. It is this mystical triangle that links our humanity to the sacred and the arts ”
RITUALS questions our relationship to the Sacred in its most archaic form. Before even developing the language, man painted, created instruments … Many theories have been developed on the reasons why humanity needed to create; Thus art comforted him in the face of natural phenomena that he cannot yet explain, would play a social function within his community, would shake up his emotions, his interactions with others and nature … Allowing him to organize his world, man ritualizes it.
RITUALS is a 4-hand composition by electronic music composer Flore and digital artist WSK. Immersive in essence, it was specially designed for a 360 ° device. The creation is alternately wild and ethereal, tense and luminous, developing a complex but familiar, ancestral and pagan graphic and sound language
Everything is done to propel the public out of time and space, in an enigmatic universe, filled with shapes, chiaroscuro and symbols, accompanied by hypnotic and percussive sounds.

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© Photos: Morgan Pons