"REGULAR" — Jean-Baptiste COGNET

REGULAR is an immersive audiovisual performance combining music, video and light, which invites the spectator to experience a time of deep introspection through the diffusion of a radical sound and visual mantra.
REGULAR questions our relationship with the present time and the reconnection to oneself, by opposing the frantic rhythm of our connected and constantly moving lives with a new opening to the world through the inner journey.

Video creation : Malo LACROIX
Lighting design: Nicolas GALLAND

In the near future, the dependence of humans on connected technologies occupies an increasingly central place in their lives and in society.the possibility of living an intense and truly impactful moment becomes the experience of the inner journey, of reconnecting to one’s own rhythm and (re)discovering oneself.this inner journey is materialized by a sound and light path anchored in the repetition and regularity of events. The sound and visual impulses are the framework for a profoundly radical experience in which the social group meeting becomes a psychedelic ritual, necessary for the survival of the deep ‘self’.this rite then exists as a new popular experience that places the relationship to the present time and the connection to reality at the heart of its process.

REGULAR is supported by the SCAN Fund (Region and DRAC AURA).

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