"Red Spectrum" — Boris Chimp 504

“Spitzer Space Telescope was an infrared observatory, used to study objects too cold to emit visible light, including exoplanets, brown dwarfs, comets, and asteroids. Despite halting its science operations in January 2020, it has recently and unexpectedly started transmitting… in the red spectrum! Besides this apparent malfunction of the abandoned telescope, it has also been transmitting data of uncanny mechanical structures and unknown bio-organisms.”

This new Boris Chimp 504’s chapter explores new territories and space dimensions by adding a new color dimension to the monochromatic vision and merging organic and two-dimensional visuals with the usual 3D geometric-hard edges aesthetic. The audiovisual narrative follows up with Boris Chimp 504 voyages through outer space emerging the audiences in space exploration, science and technology themes, merging reality and fiction.

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© Photos & video: Boris Chimp 504