"Porte Nef" — Malo Lacroix In Aeternam Vale x Maxime Aumon

Between story telling and imagery, Porte Nef is a surrealistic and human journey with several kind of outcome such as photography, documentary, audio visual live. Maxime Aumon looks far away, northward Siberian.
He imagines his structure as a wingless aircraft crossing Oural, pushed by human beings. A group of men starts up, pushing the plane from Vorkouta, former goulag city to Kharp, prison city of polar Oural. A walk of more than 150 km in the Siberian North far from Moscow realized in August, 2017.
Photographic approach : Porte Nef is a documentary where the eye looks for figurative, the absurd and the horizon. Touched by the plane and the strangeness of the gesture, Malo Lacroix and Maxime Aumon are here to film and photograph this child memory, pulling his trolley behind him, seeking for the mysterious other. The journey is lived as a waking dream, point of view looks for co-lors, contrastthe presence of elements and physical difficulty. Polar Oural is a strange universe, endless empty tundra where wind roars and where clouds of mosquitoes are swarming. The image is frankly treated nor staging, the camera following the step. In the measure of the jerks and felt. Malo takes place then as invisible observer, the plane is the object of the looks and the interrogation. Out of the cities, human becomes back curious, enthusiastic facing the structure.
Audiovisual live : Beyond picture, Porte Nef tends to evoke the unique sound atmosphere of Oural. Composer In Aeternam Vale attempts to translate a fragile but also particularly aggressive space. The composition involves howling wind, military rhythm and disturbing events as the journey moves forward and as the horizon spreads. The sound shape turns out concrete, hammered as to evoke the harshness of the environment. The correlation of sound and motion manhandled by gusts and humming  is based on a common esthetics : an absurd subject going to the unknown, the image. Using sound synchronisation and narrative vocabulary, outcome is a show where masse resists to reality.
Porte Nef is a set, a transmedia depiction capable of adapting its format according to the context. In one hand a video format understanding traditional 26 mn documentary and audio visual live reaching approximately 1 hour where In Aeternam Vale and Malo Lacroix creates live narrative and sound. The set can be thus proposed in the form of video installation or audio visual live.
In Aeternam Vale – Audio excerpt from “Porte Nef” – Live A/V
Grants and support : ASCA Beauvais / Fonds SCAN – Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.
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© Photos & Vidéos by Malo Lacroix