"Omega Point" — Sébastien Guérive

The omega point is defined as the ultimate point in the evolution of the moving universe, an invisible horizon line to which time, matter and consciousness are moving. As much a result as a cause of this evolution.
“Is reconnecting with the world and others the best way to reconnect with oneself? ”
In the age of hyper-connected society and all-digital, the individual is always more subject to the syndrome called “lack of nature”. Cut off from his vital link with the elements, he instinctively needs to reconnect with the unitary and primordial state from which he himself comes. This observation is at the origin of their creation. Built on a permanent round-trip between sound and image, the two artists question the relationship to the world around us, in a common desire to create live sound, visual and poetic answers. Omega Point’s ambition is to place the viewer in a contemplative state that is conducive to reflection and vibration.

The creative team
Artistic direction and musical composition: Sébastien Guérive
Video: Mikaël Dinic
Lights: Antoine Desprez, Michael Griffon
Scenography and stage design: Gaëlle Paroutaud, Aurore Mortier, Constant Boerwinkel
Construction structure: Antoine Soulard
Video Technician: Josselin Brandicourt

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© Sébastien Guérive – Omega Point 2.0 – 2022