"Non Human Device #04" — Boris Chimp 504

Non Human Device 04​ is the fourth of a series of interactive installations where new audiovisual interfaces are explored. Based on the speculative narrative of Boris Chimp 504’s project – an audiovisual live performance that tells the adventures of a particular chimpanzee cosmonaut lost in space – in each new installation a new interface is “found” by the chimp through his voyages into the deep space.

After finding 3 interfaces on Kepler’s System – that became Non Human Device 1, 2 and 3 – Boris received a strong signal from Trappist-1 System, at the same time of the findings by NASA’s Spitzer telescope, revealing this as the first found system containing 7 planets rotating around the same star, with approximately same Earth’s size. Boris set a route to the planet Trappist-1f, situated on the habitable zone, and found on it’s ground once again a “non human device”.

Non Human Device 04 seems to control the space-time continuum of an unknown device, maybe a spaceship, which when placed in a closed dark room is able to move sound and light in 360º. Through the manipulation of this device we hope that we can answer more questions about this remote planetary system.

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