"Murcof x Malo" — Malo Lacroix Murcof

A brand new A/V project from the Mexican artist Murcof in collaboration with filmmaker Malo Lacroix. It is a performance which morphs between being a cinematic experience and a live audio-visual concert.

Since their first collaboration in 2015 initiated by Transient festival in Paris, they have created an aesthetic vision with diffuse contours mixing a serious and post-romantic atmosphere. The live experience is carefully crafted with compelling compositions, deep, both melancholic but also glorious. The sound compositions themselves are based on live production with a large amount of samples from various traditional instruments, storm and breath. The aesthetics of the sounds are very different from Murcof’s previous compositions with Eric Truffaz, Enki Bilal or Anti VJ; there is nothing referring to jazz or organic rhythm but something much slower and sensitive with a religious feel.

The visual aspect is composed around the idea of feeling and memory with elements from a known and unknown elsewhere. The rendering tends towards the fusion of the figurative and the abstract where figures and waves of light merge to form a picture that seems to be constantly altered, as a perpetual mirage. The ultimate outcome produces an atmosphere of remembrance in which actual anthropological elements, surreality and the past are one.

© Words : Brandon Rosenbluth

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© Photo & video credit : Simon Y-Kwis / http://www.y-kwis.com/  / @y_kwis @ykwis