"Multiverse" — Boris Chimp 504

In 1969 the Chimp Cosmonaut Boris 504 was sent in a mission to the moon. He never came back… His last communication was from the moon surface on the 7th of July of 1969.

Cause of Death: Reportedly died on the lunar surface aboard Luna 15, surviving for a time after the landing… in “Details of the Soviet Primate Lunar Landing Program” by Dwayne Allen Day

Boris Chimp 504 is the audiovisual project of mEEkAlnUt (audio) and Visiophone (visuals). Divided in 3 Acts, “MULTIVERSE” tells the tale of Boris 504 – a chimpanzee sent to the moon by the soviets in 1969, that got stuck in space never coming back to Earth. Since then he has been exploring the space-time continuum, jumping between several dimensions of the universe. An audiovisual real-time performance that mixes techno, psychedelia and noise, along with audio-reactive visuals generated in real time, creating an immersive voyage between reality and fiction, between quantum physics and the best SciFi literature.

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© Video-Report from Boris Chimp 504 Live AV at Sónar Festival 2017.
Video&Edit by: Carlos Barruz