"Live Paintmapping" — J-A Dupont Castro

Projection Mapping meets Live Painting, Music and Street Art
Since 2014 the artist develops the new media of Live Paintmapping. This improvisational practice constists of projecting light forms in space in dialogue with painters and street artists, Djs, and electronic musicians from Europe and beyond.

LIVE PAINT-MAPPING is the combination of three artistic forms playing together: mural painting, projection mapping and live music.
Jacques-André collaborates with one or more live painters creating a blend of interactions, looking for a common language on the edge of improvisation. The encounter of paint with moving light creates an hybrid form in which the time dimension emerges. The succession of paint and light elements overlay, the visual composition builds up, deconstruct and renews itself at the pace of the animations triggered by Jacques-André.
By making the creation process visible, the performance allows the public to understand how projection mapping functions, a technique mainly used for illusionistic purposes.

A PAINTMAPPING performance lasts between 1 and 4 hours according to the event. It accompanies a DJ set or a live act. In a first phase lasting 1 to 2 hours, the build up of the visual composition and the interaction between the artists is at the forefront, animations are simple and slow. Once the artwork has progressed, the light-plays take over in a sort of a VJ set which adapts to the musical ambience.

– The mural’s surface can adapt to the venue’s space: there is virtually no limit (examples of formats: 3×2,5m, 6x3m, 8x5m).
– The substrate can be a white wall, wooden board on stands or canvases on wooden frames or metal structure.
– The required beamers depend on the surface, usually we use one or two 5000Lumen in HD resolution (WUXGA).

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© Photos & Video: Tismos / J-A Dupont Castro