"L’Étoile" — LUX

Mankind has always been fascinated by the stars which have inspired science-fiction, religion, clairvoyance and astronomy. Whatever interpretation you give it, L’ÉTOILE, a 3-D light art installation pays tribute to the stars which have formed a discreet backdrop to our world since the beginning of time, since man first stared in wonderment at the night sky. LUX sets out to recreate that bright spot in the night sky that man has observed for millennia. It represents a the first and only source of light man have ever seen. Taking up this symbolic figure, LUX designs a gigantic 3D star illuminating cold white branches which seem to merge or multiply depending on where you stand. The light sculpture, minimalist and technically innovative invites visitors to contemplate and return to the fundamentals of light accompanying their walk through the city at night.

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© Photos : Dragan Lekic / Jarkko Karhunen / Leth Holm / Nicolai Stagis
© Videos : LUX