"Interstitium" — Alba Nox

Alba Nox is a collective that questions sensoriality and intimacy in relation to technology. It is composed of the artists Sophie Griffon, Jacques-André Dupont and Anthony Oilhack.

In September 2018 INTERSTITIUM came to life, an immersive performance which explores this «organ of innerness» and investigates the «affective hypothesis» of the tactile sense. Using interpersonal touch as a form of expression, this Touch Choreography is interpreted by five dancers who evolve on the public’s bodies in a secure context. During this intimate experience, the seven artists guide the participants through an immersive journey of sound, touch and visuality. Senses merge in new combinations, altering the participants’ state, connecting mind and body in unprecedented ways.

The performance plays out over a session lasting 1h30 for 10 people. It is composed of:

– A verbal introduction to the tactile and immersive experience.

– 2 live performances of 30 minutes:

5 people sit on massage chairs and receive the tactile dance by a performer. The five others watch the dance. Then the public who received the physical experience switches with those who watched.

– A feedback and Q&A time is taken for the those who want to verbally share their experience.

It is possible to welcome up to 10 more people who can witness the performance.

The piece can be played up to 4 times a day, up to three days in a row.

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© Photos : Jacques-André Dupont / Antoni Oilhack / Simon Y-kwis

© Video teaser : Simon Y-kwis