"Hervé – Installation" — CENC

Since 2010, the Centre d’Expression Numérique et Corporelle (CENC) has been questioning the relationship between the human body and technology.
For its new creation HERVÉ, the collective pays tribute to the most basic vibration: the sinusoidal wave. With homemade instruments, it plunges the audience into a world of additive synthesis of sound and light waves, creating a radically purified aesthetic by using the primary elements of perception. An invitation to contemplation, like a rendezvous with the serpent Kaa.
Hervé exists in two different version: as a contemplative autonomous installation and a 50 minutes dance performance. Both version have their own impact and peculiar interpretation of the sound and light animations emitted by sinusoidal wave-based generator.

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© Photos & video : CENC (Kévin Ramseier & Thomas Köppel)