"Harbinger" — Malo Lacroix

“Harbinger” is a project of installation and audiovisual performance that aims to introduce the viewer to the futuristic vision where the rare life forms are the movement related to light, sound breath and human being. The result is a tragic composition in the space of an awareness to the ecological risks to come.

In its form, the main idea is to establish a space representative of what could happen from our ecological environment in a dramatic style, even lyric. Its composition will present dead but moving plant forms where light work and soundtrack create a sinister atmosphere of warning. The artist presence within the installation will allow to control in a more precise and unique way the installation and establish with the idea that the presence of the man is vector of this vision. In addition to this vision, the artist gives a second life to the dead wood, thus making this sign before ecological rider. The object of this exhibition will therefore be between the installation and the audiovisual performance. The origin of this project comes from a vision of the forests exploited by man, calcined where there are only a few branches and strains.

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Photo credits : Malo Lacroix

© Video credit : Malo Lacroix with pictures of Jésus S Baptista.

Events : Exhibition Orangerie of Parc de la Tête d’Or – Lyon & Forte Festival – Portugal