"Future Sound of […]" — Boris Chimp 504

Future Sound of […] is a site specific interactive installation which explores the audiovisual landscape of a specific city.
The inhabitants of [insert city] are invited to enter in a dark room where the characteristic sounds of their city life. Through the exploration of the space, they may find changes in the space-time continuum that will modify these sounds, transforming them [or not] in hypothetic sounds of the future of [insert city]. Could these [new] sounds draw their future?

Interactive AV Installation presented at:
SOM RISCADO (Loulé 2016), CENTRO ARTES ÁGUEDA (Águeda 2017), PALÁCIO LANDA (Santarém 2019), CRIATEK (Aveiro 2019), CENTRO ARTES OFICIOS-MUSEU ZER0 (São Brás de Alportel 2020).

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© Photos & Videos: Boris Chimp 504