"Colours X Colours" — Oilhack Thomas Blanchard

The immersive video exhibition Colours X Colours is the result of the collaboration between Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard, Two artists / painters combining their know-how and inspiration to create unique works. Their standards drive them forward each and every day to come out with innovative combinations and new techniques. Photography lovers expressing their feelings through soothing videos and luxurious impressions. Their art is an experimental dream making us gently vibrate with its circular movements.

The exhibition video Colors X Colors is the purpose of a two-year collaboration between the two artists. Lasting 24 minutes, it compiles the most breathtaking video elements centered around paint macro and its diverse reactions. It is composed of either 1, 2 or 3 4K display screens.

The video content is broken down into several natural elements, starting with the inks, then the roots, the flowers, glycero, marbles of paint and finally the explosions.

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© Photos & Vidéos : Oilhack & Thomas Blanchard