Oilhack & Thomas Blanchard

Thomas Blanchard (1984 – Lyon – France)

Thomas Blanchard is a French video artist who likes to explore themes and mix various kinds of art. His work has been showcased in various festivals and exhibitions throughout the world. The contemporary art biennal of Casablanca in 2016, the STARZ Denver film festival, the New York Springstudio, and technologic arts gallery Artechouse located in Washington DC have all been collaborators to his projects. Thanks to his work on shapes, colours, pigments, textures, he creates visually mesmerizing and powerful pieces. These past years, the explosively colorful content of his videos has been noticed by some of the most famous brands of the technology and communication fields. Some of his most notable cooperation projects have been done with Apple for the release of the Iphone X, or Sony for Sony Square Tokyo.

Oilhack / Anthony Viscogliosi (1985 – Lyon – France)

Oilhack is a self-taught artist inspired by nature since his early childhood. His creations are an alchemy of colours, of matters, of textures, an alloy of energies that come to life under his support. His painted movements and assembly techniques are what will create diversity. His work is the result of the combination of his artistic practices, taken at a given moment, then recorded, emphasized and embellished by photography. His work has been presented in various festivals and exhibitions around the globe, Festival Del Silenzio in Milano, Springstudio New York, Artechouse Washington DC. He has also collaborated with Thomas Blanchard on the Iphone X and Sony Square projects.

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