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1024 architecture

1024 designs architectural and digital works, in which sound and light scores are orchestrated within the space, and controlled by custom computer code.
1024 architecture is a creative studio founded in 2007 by Pier Schneider and François Wunschel.
Breaking away from the notion of limits between disciplines, the studio focuses on spatial practices, digital technology, and visual effects to create unique artworks, installations, and performances. 1024 sees architecture and inhabited spaces as evolutive structures. The duo devises new and original experiences, accompanied by their associates and developers. Installations, stage design, visual arts, performances, and lighting structures are all ways of awakening our sensations, touching our bodies and memories.
From one-day projects to perennial installations, 1024 designs unique artworks that interact with their environment.

1024 = 210
1024 equals 2 to the power of 10.
1024 is a recurrent number in computer science.
1024 is a screen resolution.
1024 bytes = 1 Kilobyte.
1024 is a creative studio.

Pier Schneider and François Wunschel met at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg. They cofounded the EXYZT collective in 2002 as part of their undergraduate degree, experimenting with hybrid and collective architectural practice, going so far as to build their own projects.
After various noteworthy interventions under this name, the duo founded 1024 architecture to focus on the creation and production of hybrid works and installations, combining architecture and visual arts.
Ever since, the studio has designed and produced projects both in France and abroad. From Vancouver to Tokyo, from Paris to Mexico, 1024 has developed stage designs, performances, and architecture, from the small scale of the object to vast installations within public space.
The creative studio works with many associates from various different spheres: developers, designers, architects, and artists, to create an immersive world made up of geometry, light, sound, and movement.
1024’s immersive installations combine art and architecture, physical constructions and digital tools, giving rise to evolving temporary or perennial experiences.

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2048 AD from 1024 on Vimeo.

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