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"Wings" — AV Exciters

Innovation: this is what characterizes AV EXCITERS, a collective of architects, graphic designers and designers who display a particular sensitivity for new technologies …

AV EXCITERS invites you to leave everything you have seen in LED installation. These artists use the visual as a research and architectural expression tool capable of revealing the quality of a place or a project.

This kinetic sculpture, referenced among others on the international platform of The Creators Project, their latest creation “WINGS” can boast to be singular. Provided with 70 LED bars powered and controlled in DMX via Vdmx and Madmapper, it has a remarkably innovative technology since it combines LED device and mobile structure!

“WINGS” is a flight, that of body and spirit. The senses are put to the test. Architecture resonates, space is compressed, sculpted, embarking the public in a sensuous and unprecedented sensory experience.

Concept: Jeremie Bellot

AV-Motors: Sebastien Schnabel & Akwariom (Sylvain Delbart)

Motors Programmation : Caporal Niklass (RDV) & Sebastien Schnabel

Led Programmation : Yony Deco , Sebastien Schnabel , Josselin Beaumont , Jeremie Bellot

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Simon Y-Kwis / http://www.y-kwis.com/ / @y_kwis @ykwis