A signal, a landmark, a guide …

Totem is a project acting as a signal. It aims to be visible from far away by its height and by the light devices which it is equipped. The geometry of the project whose base is triangular, allows it to be observed from all angles. Thus it becomes a gathering point within the public space. Monumental from the top of these 9 meters, this installation remains nevertheless very light and airy by the fineness of its structure and by its covering of veiling which can float with the wind. Its modular and repetitive design contributes to the legibility of the project, simple and clear, accentuating its verticality in space. Initially an artistic project, Totem is also a tool to develop the public space and a signage tool to inform and guide visitors.

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© Photo credit : Gaétan Clément – Lyon Photographe / @GCPLyon