"Résonance" — Nicolas Paolozzi (RDV)

Resonance is a monumental installation forming a long tunnel which the visitors can cross. The installation consists of a fine metallic structure disappears the night to reveal better the sails which dress the installation. These reflect smoothly the light of the LED placed on the structure. During the crossing, visitors can discover the various light and sound atmospheres which proposes the installation. Furthermore their passage also activate events which come to enrich the project. So the various combinations of light movements create a composition in perpetual evolution.

In collaboration with ENSAG students.

Partners : Fête des lumières de Lyon, Cutch, Serge Ferrari, Chosset-Luchessa.

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© Crédits photos & vidéo : Alban Guerry-Suire / http://clickandwatch.net/ / @ clickandwatch / @_stonecat