"Red Stars" — AV Exciters

3 geodesic spheres of 2m50 diameter each compose this installation. They are placed in length on the way lined like stars. Their steel structures become light reflection. Device uses classic wash leds and also automatics lights in tight beam to make them come to life. Red Stars is organic and alive which react to public density and flux by catching crowd movement and translating in chromatics values through many infrared cameras.

Concept / Artistic Director : Jeremie Bellot
Lights : Julien Desbrosses
Interactivity : Sylvain Delbart
Sound : Nano
Building team: François Lembrez & Sebastien Schnabel

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Location: Friche La Belle de Mai – Marseille (FR) / Event : Marsatac 2016

© Photos credits : Gaétan Clément – Lyon Photographe

www.gaetan-clement.fr / @gcplyon

© Video credit: Simon Y-Kwis / http://www.y-kwis.com/ / @y_kwis @ykwis