PRISM is a musical and visual performance by 9th cloud in a visual scenography by Cyril Meroni.

Half way between live edited cinema and electronic show, Prism is a work consisting in a creative pulsion and endeavours to stage its causes and its consequences. PRISM is a highlight on what is going on in the thoughts and within the environment of the artist at the very moment he creates. He is touched by numerous sources of inspiration, real or imaginary, throwed on backdrop which consists of six faces (hexagonal prism). Such sources that show the manner ideas can emerge, meet, reconstitute and resonate with themselves (larsen) to materialise into a sound.

Guided, free, the creation evolves live. You can dance or look, immerse your imagination and let yourself drift away.

PRISM is SHAPE artist 2016– a Platform for Innovative Music and Audiovisual Art from Europe

Co-productions : Crossed LabSeconde NatureLow Tech Utopia

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© Pictures: Gilles Valli & Cyril Meroni

© Video credit : Production Trailer – Imagine / Cadrage – Yanis Peltier