Dasein - bandeau Pays Sans Visage from Visuaal on Vimeo.

"Pays Sans Visage" — Dasein

By mixing excerpts from documentary, archives or fiction films with images and sounds produced by Dasein, “Pays sans visage”, tell the story of a major nuclear accident in our world.

“If the images of the present do not change,  change the images of the past … He showed me the fights of the Sixties processed by his synthesizer.” Pictures less lying, he says with the conviction of fanatics, than those you see in television. At least they give themselves for what they are, images, not the transportable and compact form of an already inaccessible reality. ”

Chris Marker, Without Sun.

“Pays Sans Visage” refers to the forbidden zone, a devastated, apocalyptic territory, hostile to human existence, emptied of its inhabitants. “Pays Sans Visage” is the country where we wear masks to breathe stale air, the country where the faces of irradiated children are no more than forbidden and expressionless faces.

Coproductions :  100 E.C.S. Paris and Ballon Rouge

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