"Interstitium" — Alba Nox

INTERSTITIUM is a performative project of digital arts. Alba Nox trio is discovering a recent scientific discovery, the insterstitium. This new organ is a set of interconnected fluid compartments located between the skin and the underlying tissues of the human body. In an immersive video space, the three media performed live: fluid video, ambient music and tactile performance, take viewers on a multi-sensory and microscopic exploration inside the organ.

Alba Nox’s research is part of the movement of new digital writing by its transmedia component. The technological challenge is significant: the video capture in very high resolution (4K) of a plastic action executed in real time, retransmitted in an immersive space. To reinforce immersion, innovative sound spatialization algorithms will be used.

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© Photos : Jacques-André Dupont & Antoni Oilhack