ECZ from Malo on Vimeo.

"ECZ" — Malo Lacroix Antoine Mermet

Since 2015, visual artist Malo Lacroix and musician Antoine Mermet unite their craft under the name ECZ (Escape Comfort Zone). Visually, the research aims towards the idea of numerous way to exhibit piece of yourself under advantageous light but also the border line aspect of employed tools.
Duo present an A/V set where materials are generated live: cameras, synthesizer, audio gears DIY, body and laptop are the ingredients. Motion are partly recorded, melted with other, made before. Shard of glass, translucent silversmith’s trade, face, mirror, light source keeps audience’s attention to follow the visual narration: motions are held by sonic environment which sounds like drowning.
Analogical synthesis, cheap drum machine, endless delays and mutated white noise represent basis’s sound aesthetic. Playing in a risky way, ECZ’s music sounds both like swarming, dirty proto-techno and formal sonic research: giant static desert inspired by electroacoustic music can, whenever they want, transform into pulsating music where origin takes place more into rave than complicate laboratories.
Music’s goal takes place between narrative description’s development but also into an almost plastic existence: generated frequency, amplified sound, endless delay and other sonic space created from everywhere and first of all directed as tangible materials.

Production : Mirage Festival

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© Photos credit: Bartosch Salmanski / / @128db

© Video credit: Simon Y-Kwis /   / @y_kwis @ykwis