"Derrière l’Écran (Behind the Screen)" — Odalie Alma Alta x B2BK

“Derrière l’Écran” (Behind the Screen) is an audiovisual performance, which mixes electronic music, augmented cello, slam poetry, lighting, and video mapping, created and played live in real time, by a creative collective that includes musical duo Odalie and VJ Alma Alta.
In an anxiety-inducing world full of societal and ecological challenges that require immediate action and long-term solutions, creating a space where imagination can flourish, where we can be amazed, nurtured and recharged, where we can be curious and sensitive, is as much an artistic effort as an essential and political exercise. By offering “breathing spaces” that are conducive to human connections and to the development of our ability to dream and reflect, one can effectively open doors to the possibility of a better future.
Drawing on scientific and cultural sources, “Derrière l’Écran” provides – in the form of a live audiovisual performance – such space, where a natural sense of wonder and the observation of one’s inner world are possible.
Each track is presented as a multimedia frame combining images, lights and spatialized sounds, and offers a contemplative, poetic and metaphorical journey, inviting us to “let go”. The chapters focus on a common theme – optimistic nihilism – and lead us to think about the meaning of existence, to see the beauty in every action we make, and in everything we can experience as human beings.
The continuous sequencing encourages us to get lost in these sometimes intimate, sometimes grandiose landscapes. The particular care given to the mediums’ synchronization helps focus on the presented narration, while preserving the liberties of a live rendition.

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Mach 2020
First artistic creation residency at GMVL of Lyon