"Derrière l’Écran (Behind the Screen)" — Odalie x Alma Alta Alma Alta

“Derrière l’Écran” (Behind the Screen) is an audiovisual performance, which mixes electronic music, augmented cello, slam poetry, lighting, and video mapping, created and played live in real time.
“Derrière l’Écran” is an aesthetic and sensory experience made of electronic music, cello and immersive video. Reinterpreting our common myths and imaginary, this show proposes to feed the need for narratives through a hypnotic journey. Three monumental screens become the support of a modern and metaphorical narrative, becoming in turn a monolith, a painting or a window on the elsewhere. An ode to quietude, an emotional interlude made of image and sound, “Derrière l’Écran” invites you to let go, to reconnect with yourself and offers a sensitive and curious vision of the world.

The Odalie x Alma Alta company was born in 2020 from the association of the musician and electronic composer Odalie (Sophie Griffon) and the visual artist Alma Alta (Paul Ambrosino). It is dedicated to the creation of transcidiplinary artistic forms centered on the deep immersion of the spectator in rich and sensitive universes. The company has structured itself around its first creation “Derrière l’Écran” and will develop immersive installations and exhibitions over the next season that work on the field of emotions.

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Negotium Festival – ARCAN – August 2021 – Grenoble