WSK is an artists’ collective composed of 3 people working in the visual and digital arts. Active since 2007, members have specialized in VJing (real-time video mixing at cultural and musical events), stage design and mapping.

WSK collective has always wanted to stand out from a stage aesthetic point of view in order to emerge from the classical formats of projection often encountered in the world of electronic music. The exploration of the supports and their specific characteristics (flexibility, solidity, lightness) and mastery of the images broadcast, allowed us to develop architectures even more innovative and audacious. Motion design (creating animated images) is carefully adapted to the shapes of our sculptures and installations. This content makes it possible to play with shapes by illuminating them, to rhythm them, to provide for the spectator a loss of reference, a feeling of vertigo, to distort our perception of space.

Through the years and explorations, many places, artists, organizers of musical events or festivals have trusted us and allowed us to spread our work throughout France and Europe.

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