Walter Dean

Walter Dean brings together the composer Jean-Baptiste Cognet and Guillaume Marmin, visual artist. Backlit, the duo delivers a live to the pagan Mass, composed of spectral lights, dismantled synthesizers, smoke, anger and love. Walter Dean mixes electronic sounds and rock influences in an immersive device where light beams sculpt space, draw twilight landscapes loaded with poetry as minimal as it is violent.

Guillaume Marmin

The work of Guillaume Marmin is part of a revival of visual creation by avoiding traditional forms of narration and traditional scenic supports. He is looking for a common language between image and sound, a synesthetic alphabet made of rhythms, contrasts and refined figures in motion.

Jean-Baptiste Cognet

Jean-Baptiste Cognet is a founder and member of the Act of Beauty and Memorial * projects. He also collaborates as a composer and performer for theatre and cinema. His work feeds on ambient sensations, noise textures, while giving pride of place to the legacy claimed from pop to cold wave. From large ensembles to small formats, his music evolves through a frantic and reverberated psychedelic language.

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© Crédits Photos : Marion Bornaz / @marion.bornaz /// © Teaser : Walter Dean @ Mirage Festival 2017 par Matcha Prod / @hellomatcha / @matchaoner