TS/CN Studio

TS/CN is a digital art studio, based in Paris, creator of AudioVisual installations and performances. Created by Valentin Fayaud and Nicolas Michel, the duo’s work is focused on digital generative sculptures.
They are respectively graduated from a sound engineering school and a « Digital Arts » Master at la Sorbonne. Their collaboration began with the project « L’Age d’Or ». During 6 years, they’ve produced many performances that they presented around Europe for events and festivals focused on digital art.

The creation of TS/CN studio marks a desire to move away from « the piece of art » as a fixed and definitive object. Rather, the installations they develop are characterized by a time and spatial evolution. They are interested in the close relationship between the artist’s proposal and the content produced by the machine.
With the help of DATAS (time, sound, visual, algorithmic), TS/CN structures a bilateral communication system with the computer. Looking for a computerized synaesthesia, the duo questions the autonomy of a digital artwork by redefining the place of the computer at the heart of the production system.
By transcending the embryo of ideas, the dialogue with the computer is generating itself. The installations are renewed and move according to the wealth of information exchanged with the machine, thus offering an unpredictable transformation, always under construction
The duo get the codes of « generative art » while they are maintaining the control over the final state of the artwork . Limits are set so that creation can be generated within a previously defined field. The work of the studio is not limited by the time or the exhibition space. Its constant development offers the observer the possibility of sharing a singular experience, individual and renewable

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