Sébastien Guérive

Sébastien Guérive.

Composer and sound engineer from Nantes city in France, he has collaborated for fifteen years with many artists in different forms of artistic expression, both on musical writing and technical aspect.

A cellist by studying, his work as a composer initially focuses on sampling and collage, drawing on concrete music and then on all the trends related to electronic music. This research, in which music and images intertwine, gives birth to a first creation “The Wandering Thought”, an audiovisual live that will occur, among others, at the festival Portées à l’Écran at La Maroquinerie in 2002. Nowadays, Sébastien places these research for sound textures at the heart of his work. Like a visual artist sculpting sounds, he strives to give them maximum life and expressiveness to get closer to the relationship that a musician has with his instrument. His main source of inspiration are the landscapes he traverses during his travels. He then tries to recreate the emotions he feels by combining sounds, textures and melodies in a sort of sensory alchemy where the moving image serves as a catalyst for the creative process. It is this need to explore a wider range of emotions in a cinematographic approach that leads Sébastien to work with a director and to create Omega Point.

Mikaël Dinic is a director whose last ten years of work are made of collaborations with various musicians, dancers and actors.

After many achievements, including a documentary on classical dance, cultural programs, music videos and performances, he explores through the Omega Point project a new artistic form by infusing this wide variety of audiovisual experiences. A film buff, he has always attached a fundamental importance to scriptwriting of all his productions. Beyond the contemplative beauty he enjoys, he tries to tell stories to take viewers on a journey and open them to new fields of reflection on the world around them or on themselves. Drummer and dancer, Mikaël now conceives his work as a videographer as a sober and fluid choreographic ensemble where the rhythmic precision and the purity of the moving forms are indissociably. Thus, in Omega Point, he uses his filmed captation as a raw material that distorts, sizes and has on the music like so many notes on the score of a visual symphony.

The creative team

Artistic direction and musical composition: Sébastien Guérive

Video and photography direction: Mikaël Dinic

Scenography and stage design: Gaëlle Paroutaud, Aurore Mortier, Constant Boerwinkel

Construction structure: Antoine Soulard

Video Technician: Josselin Brandicourt

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