Sébastien Guérive

Sébastien Guérive is a composer and sound engineer based in Nantes, France. After studying the cello, he quickly turned to musical creation using computer music, which opened up infinite possibilities for mixing and transforming sound material. Close to the work of a plastic artist, he is as much concerned with the textural aspect of the sound as he is with the melody…
Since 2001 and his first album ​’La Pensée Errante’ composed from collages of samples and “field recording”, he continues to develop his personal work (Io’n, Da Sweep …) and to collaborate on projects for the theater, dance, music composition for image.
For ​Omega Point,​ he decided to compose an instrumental album inspired by the form of a sci-fi movie soundtrack.
This unique new recording is a mix of “ambient” atmospheres, a strong presence of sound design and minimalist melodic themes. All of its sound layers play on the contrasts that oscillate between “dark” and brighter atmospheres.
This album was composed largely with analog synthesizers to obtain a sound color rich in harmonics and textures. The timbres of the sounds were obtained through a combination of analog and digital processing. Long-term modulations and transformations have been generated so that each sound source approaches the richness of expressiveness of an acoustic instrument.
With the ​Omega Point LP, Sébastien Guérive continues to explore new sound spaces to offer his listeners new musical experiences.

The “Omega II” music video directed by visual artist Thomas Blanchard can be seen below. He has already received numerous prizes and awards. He is also selected by Design Rush in the video design awards.

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© Sébastien Guérive & Thomas Blanchard – Video clip Omega II