RDV is a collective of young architects with different backgrounds and skills, which develop a transverse practice of architecture. Questioning the notions of limits and temporality, RDV collective approaches the space either in a motionless way, but as a space of flow in movement, whose boundaries are no longer physical but sensitive.
Collective explores the endless possibilities offered by image and sound through projects of various sizes and forms: scenography, installation, video-mapping, temporary architectures…
It advocates and encourages exchanges between people and know-how, and can offer a technical and experienced support open to any type of project in the audiovisual domain.
From concept to implementation, from the object scale to the architectural scale, their realizations are aimed to enhance, transform and interact with our environment. In order to share a physical, visual experience and especially gathering people around federative events.
After numerous scenography projects, RDV is now focusing their work to projects on an architectural scale and taking place in the public space. It is about exploiting the possibilities offered by the new technologies to create unique and participative uses of public space, but also to create cultural and urban events to rediscover the city and the places of the everyday life.

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© Video credit : Simon Y-kwis