Omicron Persei 8

Created in 2016 in Paris, Omicron Persei 8 is an audiovisual duo composed of Nicolas Bocognano (live sounds) and Paul Vivien (live visuals).  They presents in late 2016 their first Audiovisual performance : AURORA.

Fascinated by connections between visuals and sounds, OP8 always constructs their creations in a constant combo of those two senses. By a research of immersive atmospheres, synesthesia, they lead the audience inside their narrative and oneiric universe, a cross between science-fiction and poetry.
In live show this interaction take the form of a ritual, an implicit dialogue between Paul and Nicolas. Only they seems to understand the rules and codes of it, but they bring it perceptible by anyone in an audiovisual show.  Inspired by acousmatic, analog and tribal musics, the sounds atmospheres of OP8 are like an IDM / Ambient sweet and hypnotic music.  Revisiting analog video synthesizers, the visual style of the duo explores an infinity of algorithms and generative visuals, close to a pure surrealism / aesthetic.

Live visuals : Paul Vivien
Live sounds : Nicolas Bocognano

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