Alba Nox

Alba Nox is a transmedia artistic collective that questions the sensitivity and intimacy be linked to technology. Alba Nox collective is composed of 3 artists: Jacques-André Dupont, Sophie Griffon and Oilhack.
Jacques-André Dupont is a transmedia artist, a sensation composer active in the fields of new media and performance arts.
He questions Technology and Nature using projection-mapping and corporeal mouvement. His academic background in Media Studies, Special Effects for the Cinema and Contemporary Dance brought him to explore the relation of the human body to the technology. In response to the ambient hypervisuality and the techno-cults he develops an artistic language dedicated to the sense of touch: Tactile Choreography.
French-colombian artist, works and lives in Lyon, France.
In yearly residency at Taverne Gutenberg.
Sophie Griffon is a musician, composer and sound designer.
She develops her sound research around the sentimental field, digging emotions and feelings. Creator of an ambient music with techno accents, she works the sound material by mixing organic material recorded or performed live and analog synthesis. Her approach is immersion, she explores the senses to live an experience close to synesthesia, the sounds are transformed into sensations. She collaborates with choreographers, cartoonists, and in the field of digital arts. Interested in the mediation of her art, she is a member of the association Le Sequenceur from Lyon which offers initiations and workshops around electronic music and develops workshops for young audiences with the AADN.
Oilhack is self-made artist. Inspired by nature since his childhood.
His creations are an alchemy of colors, materials, textures. An alloy of energies which come to life on its support. It’s the movement and assembling which will create diversity. His work is the result of combinations of his artistic practices, seized at a precise moment, then captured, emphasized enhanced by the photography. His camera rapidly became his best ally and release, in a constant desire of new experiments to be shared.
“By working with natural mediums for live realizations, immediate and short-lived as life is, it is more or less like a hypnotic fluid mandala offering me an immense field of exploration which is just waiting to be taken.  Art is for me a way to thank life, a sharing without limits, beyond the borders, Color is my weapon to continue exchanging freely.” *A Mandala (circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe.
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© Photos : Jacques-André Dupont & Antoni Oilhack